The UAE is considered one of the best countries in which people can reside and invest their money in, due to the many advantages that make it an attractive country for investment. Before we get to know the residency conditions for any investor in the UAE, we must first know the reasons why investors resort to the UAE. to reside and invest in .


Reasons why investors resort to investing in the UAE :

We all know that the UAE occupies the first place in investment, and I got it last year as the best country in which money can be invested in the world, and this is due to several factors, but the most important of these factors is that it provides, advances and facilitates the provision of services to investors, whether they hold nationalities . Emirati women or that they are migrant workers, which facilitates the procedures for establishing investment companies in them, in addition to the comprehensive tax exemption in some of their areas. Besides this, there are some other reasons also related to the UAE, and the most important of these reasons are the following :


The impact of the strategic location on investment in the UAE :

The UAE has a distinct strategic location between East and West, making it easy for businessmen and investors to access the largest and most important global markets, and various major business centers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and North America as well .

The impact of advanced infrastructure on investment in the UAE :

The UAE is characterized by having the largest and most developed infrastructure in the world, due to the huge capital pool that the state devotes to strengthening and revitalizing its infrastructure .


The impact of the presence of diversified business facilities on investment in the UAE :

In the UAE, there are various and many options for facilities for establishing and establishing businesses and establishing investment companies , according to your activity and the capital available to you . Jebel Ali, and this diversity extends to include business centers, shopping centers, various commercial towers, various industrial areas, and more than 35 free zones with various and varied activities .


The impact of political stability on investment in the UAE :

One of the most important features of the United Arab Emirates is the presence of political stability in it, which makes it the first country in the world to invest and attract money to it because it contains stability, security and safety, and this is what any investor who wants to invest his money needs to establish or establish a company in the Emirates or establish a company in Jabal Ali or establish a company in the free zone .


The impact of social stability on investment in the UAE :

Social stability is the most important feature that distinguishes the UAE, meaning that it is a safe country and its crime rate is not mentioned at all, and its percentage is very small compared to other countries . He resides there, and the UAE government is working to provide ways and means to obtain residency and investment in the UAE .

The impact of ease of doing business on investment in the UAE :

In 2019, the UAE got the best country in facilitating business, as it ranked first in the world, and this made it the first to receive investment, and it is considered one of the largest countries in establishing investment companies in it .

The impact of protection of intellectual property rights on investment in the UAE :

The UAE is concerned with protecting intellectual rights and trademarks pertaining to each investor or any investment company in it, whether this company is an investment company in Jebel Ali or an investment company in the free zone, and it has developed and enacted laws to prevent piracy .


Investing in the Emirates through residency :

Real estate investment may be considered one of the best investment steps in the Emirates, so it is subject to many rules and conditions that are determined and regulated by the Dubai Real Estate Law, which was issued in 2009, as follows :

must not be less than 1,000,000 AED .

must be fully constructed .

must have a fixed monthly income , and it must not be less than 10,000 thousand dirhams .

A work visa must be obtained by submitting an application to the competent authority after paying the required fees and paying the property price in full to the property owner .

he must enjoy good health who wants to invest and reside in the Emirates and not have any dangerous disease or contagious to other people, and that he must pass the medical examinations assigned to him to detect that, knowing that the medical examination It will be repeated again when you want to renew your residence permit .

The person who wants to reside and invest in the UAE submits an application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, attached with a personal photo, a copy of his passport, and his real estate ownership contract, but on the condition that it is in his name alone only, and he pays the visa fees, and after completing these procedures, he will be Granting the applicant residency in the UAE for a period of two years, renewable if he so desires or if there is no impediment to residency and investment in the UAE .

Requirements for permanent residence in Emirates :

As for the conditions for permanent residence in the Emirates, several conditions must be met, as follows :

First: work visa :

One of the most important things that must be obtained for permanent residence and investment in the UAE is a work visa, because by obtaining this visa, the individual is considered to have the right to obtain investment in companies, and this visa can be obtained through some companies in the private sector, by paying special fees To extract it and do some medical examinations, and all this takes only ten days .

Second: real estate ownership :

And any foreign person, once he owns a property in the Emirates for any type of real estate established in the Emirates, this is considered one of the reasons that contribute to obtaining permanent residence in the Emirates and it is like a commercial license in exchange for a little money, as it is completely different from a work visa or a visit visa .

Third: The work of the wife or husband :

One of the things that guarantees a foreign person obtaining a permanent residence visa in the Emirates is the work of the husband or wife in the same country ( the UAE), because In this case, the husband or wife who works in the UAE is a sponsor to submit a request to the company in which he works to submit an application to the competent authority to obtain permanent residence for the other party, while bearing the costs .

Fourth: Self- employment :

Obtaining a permanent residence visa in the Emirates is through self-employment, in the sense that the person works stably and has his own, but this is provided that he has a commercial license and he can obtain this license for a small amount of money, but this amount varies according to the type of free zone that he Those who want to work there range from two thousand five hundred dirhams to sixteen thousand dirhams .

Fifth: businessmen :

for businessmen can be obtained through (Dubai Silicon Oasis), and this oasis provides many licenses for projects intended for businessmen only .

Sixth: Establishing a company :

A permanent residence visa in the UAE can be obtained by establishing an investment company in the UAE .

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