In order to obtain a family visit visa to the Emirates, it requires several steps, as well as providing a number of required papers and documents. Many people may be forced to bring his family, the Emirates . It offers this opportunity to all its employees to bring their families and children. This is by obtaining a family visit visa to enjoy and spend the most wonderful times . Enjoy the various tourist facilities, as it is one of the most touristic countries in the world, and includes various facades and various landmarks .

Steps to issue a family visit visa to the Emirates

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues family visas to all residents who wish to leave their family and friends in the south to visit the UAE for tourism and family vision . This requires accredited airlines and hotels and receipt of the validity of the family visit visa. And knowing the cost of issuing the visa , and it is as follows .

Types of family visit visas for the UAE

Visas for family visit in the UAE can be classified according to their validity period. Where a short-term visa is available, which gives the visa holder validity for a period of 30 days only. And also the long-term visa, which is 90 days. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the article on the family visit visa to avoid falling under the legal issue. Visitors and tourists in the Emirates can find out the specific period for it. To renew the long-term visa and the short-term visa for a period of 30 days without leaving the country .

The cost of the family visit visa fee

The prescribed fee for the entry visa is AED 600 for each renewal, and the extension must be before the expiry period of the family visa. In order not to fall under the law, people must not exceed the prescribed period of the visa, if it is 30 days or 60 days, and it is renewed according to the specified times, as this can expose him to fines of 100 dirhams for each day of delay after 10 days have passed after the expiry of the visa .

Documents required to obtain a family visit visa

All those wishing to obtain a visit visa in the UAE must prepare some of the required documents and papers, which vary depending on the duration of the visa and are as follows :

  • Providing clear copies of the passport and it is fast-acting for a period of six months .
  • Provides a personal photo in addition to an employment contract and the validity price .
  • A lease contract that is certified, approved and valid .
  • A valid residence permit and a copy of the passport
  • A document proving the biography of kinship .

visa fees family in the Emirates

All persons must pay fees which vary according to the type and duration of his visa the visit family in the Emirates. As the issuance of a tourist visa for a period of 30 days, the fees are high and must be paid by the person, 270 AED, while the long-term family visit visa , which amounts to 90 days, the value of paying the fees that the person must pay is 750 AED .

Types of residency in the UAE

You can view the types of residence permits in order to learn about the residence permits issued by the Emirates and their laws. It is constantly changing, and you should review the embassy of your country before traveling to find out all the necessary things to prepare for it, and one of the things that you should look for when issuing a family visit visa in the UAE. It is a service for all residents, which makes it easier for them to reach the homeland safely, in addition to examining residency systems such as the golden residency in which the UAE resides for five or ten years without an entry permit or residency visa .

You will inquire about a family visit visa. It is one of the electronic services provided by the United Arab Emirates, through which it enables residents in the Kingdom to submit a request to visit their first-degree relatives, who are parents, wife and children, to visit the Kingdom for a period to be determined according to legal rules .

Inquire about a family visit visa

An inquiry about a family visit visa for residents inside the United Arab Emirates can be made by following a set of steps that we will explain through the following points :

  • Log in to the website of the unified electronic platform .
  • Entering the electronic visa services through the main page of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
  • Enter all the data required by the electronic form in the appropriate places .
  • The seals for the application are obtained electronically, either from the Chamber of Commerce or from the employer .
  • All data is entered in Arabic, with the exception of the names of the persons required to obtain a visit request for them in the event that their nationalities are not Arab .
  • Provided that the names of the persons are written identically to what is stated in their passport .
  • The residence of the resident who requested the family visit must be valid .
  • The person or group of persons to whom the visitation request is requested must be a first-degree relative .
  • The resident who requested the visit must hold a work residence visa, not an accompanying visa .

How to inquire about a family visit visa through the visa platform

You can inquire about a family visit application visa through the visa platform, by following a set of the following steps :

  • Enter the website of the visa platform through the official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
  • Entering all the information related to inquiring about the requests that were submitted through the main page of the platform .
  • The type of query is determined by entering the visa application number .
  • As well as entering the registration number of the applicant .
  • Then write the watermark symbol that appears on the screen in the space provided for it .
  • Then press the query button .
  • All information related to the family visit request to be inquired about appears on the screen .

Steps to apply for a family visit visa

To apply for a family visit visa In the United Arab Emirates, a set of steps must be followed, which we will explain through the following points :

  • Entering the electronic visa website through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
  • Fill in the electronic form for your family visit visa application .
  • Ratify the application and stamp it electronically from the Chamber of Commerce and the employer of the applicant .
  • Enter all data for the visa application form in Arabic .
  • With the exception of the names of persons who hold foreign nationalities other than Arabs, their names are written in a manner consistent with what is stated in their passports .
  • After completing all the required data in the electronic form correctly, press the submit button .

Determine how long it takes to apply for a family visit visa

We explain through the next few points how long it takes to apply for a family visit visa :

  • You can inquire online about the family visit visa application after 72 hours have passed from submitting the application .
  • The applicant must be a resident of the United Arab Emirates and hold a work permit .
  • The residence of the applicant for the visa must be valid for a period of not less than 90 days from the date of submitting the application, otherwise the visa application will be rejected.

Submit an application for a family visit visa

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