Do you want to rent cars at cheap prices? Many people need to rent cars at cheap prices to move to their destination without contacting the regular means of transportation, but they cannot obtain a car by owning, so some practical solutions appeared that benefit most people, which is renting cars at cheap prices, so that the person rents a car for his own interest .

Cheap car rental

Some resort to renting cars at cheap prices in installments and paying their installments over several months by making the car available for rent through specialized offices or uploading ads for the car on websites without the need for an intermediary, so that a small amount can be paid as a down payment for the car, then the installments are available monthly .

What do I need to rent a car

Car rentals vary Cheap rates in requirements from one car rental company to another, so please check the car terms and conditions as well. For example, the rental company may require additional identification cards from you, and some types of credit cards may not be accepted. All you need to reserve the car is a credit or debit card. When you collect the car from the office, you will need :

  • Your passport .
  • Also your booking voucher .
  • A valid driver’s license for each driver .
  • Also a credit card in the name of the lead driver (some car rental companies accept debit cards ).

Car rental rates

There are many suitable car rentals, and here are some of the prices available in the market .

  • Peugeot 3008 Active 2022. 4940 dirhams / month .
  • Hyundai Kona 2020.3300 dirhams / month .
  • Mitsubishi ASX 2022. 3240 dirhams / month .
  • Kia Sportage 2021 3900 dirhams / month .
  • Hyundai Accent 2022.2700 dirhams / month .
  • Nissan Sunny 2022. 1860 dirhams / month .
  • Hyundai Tucson 2022.4500 dirhams / month .
  • Nissan Kicks KX1 2022. 3200 AED / month

The best cheap car rental companies

There are many rental companies in Dubai for different models, such as sports car rental companies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE cities in general, as every car rental office in Dubai is witnessing an increasing demand by tourists and residents as well .

Hertz car rental :

  • Hertz tops the list of car rental offices in Dubai .
  • that meet all your aspirations. It is famous for its experience in this field for more than 90 years in many countries .
  • It also has 12 branches in Dubai, not to mention a customer service center that works around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction .
  • Hertz offers excellent customer services, including roadside assistance, which enables you to replace the vehicle if you run into trouble while driving anywhere .
  • You can also choose accident insurance, site monitoring and child seat benefits
  • Tel: 04 0206206 | 43789 800

Diamond :

  • Diamondlease is one of the leading car rental offices in Dubai for the Al Habtoor Group, with a huge fleet .
  • It also consists of more than 7,000 cars in excellent condition, not to mention its excellent and fast services .
  • If you are looking for a car rental company in Dubai to rent a sports car or a family car, then this is the right place for you diamondlease It is the right choice for you .
  • Contact: 04 2677885

National car rental :

  • National is one of the leading car rental companies in Dubai for many years in this field in more than 80 countries around the world .
  • It has earned a good reputation for its excellent services, diverse vehicles and low prices .
  • National Car Rental car quite easily through the website .
  • The company has the best car rental site in Dubai .
  • Contact: 800 3031 | 6211 251 04

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